What is The AutogenAI Academy? 

An on-demand platform that allows users to unleash the potential of AutogenAI, the AutogenAI Academy comprises detailed training modules and short, bite-sized videos. Learning at their own pace, Bid Writers will discover how to leverage their AutogenAI Language Engine to rapidly produce compelling, high-quality, well-evidenced bids. 


Who is it for? 

The AutogenAI Academy will be available to all AutogenAI users. 

The Academy caters to a wide range of learning requirements. Whether you are brand new to your AutogenAI Language Engine or a more experienced user, you will find resources to suit your needs. Our comprehensive training curriculum ensures all users are well-equipped to make the most of AutogenAI’s capabilities. 


What does it include? 

  • AutogenAI Fundamentals Course: an interactive, guided set of modules taking a user from beginner through to full confidence in using AutogenAI throughout the bid process.  
  • Knowledge Checks: quizzes after each module to reinforce learning and check understanding.  
  • Training video repository: a set of short, bite-size videos enabling users to rapidly access information and guidance on basic and common workflows in AutogenAI. 
  • Guides and FAQs: a collection of common questions and answers to support Users to navigate AutogenAI. 


How can it be accessed? 

The LMS can be accessed directly through the AutogenAI platform. Users can open the ‘Resources’ menu (located in the top right-hand corner of their Language Engine) and click ‘AutogenAI Academy’. 


What are the key benefits of the AutogenAI Academy? 

  • Enhances Bid Writing Skills: The high-quality, industry-leading training equips Bid Writers with the necessary skills to effectively leverage their AutogenAI Language Engine and empowering them to create high-quality, well-evidenced bids and perform sophisticated text transformations with ease. 
  • Continuous Learning: AutogenAI’s Education Team build and release new educational material on a regular basis meaning the training content available is constantly updated to reflect the latest best practice for using Generative AI. This ensures Bid Writers are able to leverage the most up to date practical knowledge to use their AutogenAI Language Engine to stay at the forefront of using AI to help write winning bids. 
  •  Personalised Learning Pace: The flexibility and ease of access allow users to learn anywhere, any time, and at their own pace. This personalised approach accommodates different learning styles and schedules, leading to a more efficient and effective learning experience.  


What’s next? 

This is only the beginning. A second phase of our roll out will give users access to our advanced training modules. This is the natural progression for most users after they complete the Fundamentals training and is built to introduce new workflows and use cases that optimise the way they use AutogenAI to help them write. 

There will be regular updates to our video library, giving users fast access to an even wider array of instructor-led workflows, hints and tips. 

The Fundamentals and Advanced training sessions will soon be CPD accredited. This external accreditation allows companies to demonstrate to their existing staff and wider candidate pool that they are a forward-thinking company and enables bid writers to futureproof themselves in the labour market, providing an excellent incentive to engage with the training. 


Our Commitment to User Success 

Our commitment to fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement for our users truly sets us apart. We believe that by nurturing an environment where learning is encouraged and valued, we can significantly enhance user experience and satisfaction. This commitment is not just a part of our mission; it is embedded in every aspect of our operations. AutogenAI employs a team of Education Specialists who ensure that the education and training we provide our users is best-in-class and constantly evolving to reflect the rapid advancements in Generative AI. We continuously seek out new ways to educate and empower our users, ensuring they have the best tools and knowledge at their disposal. This dedication to growth and development is a core element of our identity, distinguishing us from others in the industry. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our team at support@autogenai.com.

To learn more about how AutogenAI can transform your bid and proposal writing process, contact us today.