People in the bidding profession tend to be highly organised individuals, and years of dealing with specifications, ITTs, and Instructions to Tenderers only reinforce this trait. However, when left on their own to come up with solutions, bid writers without operational or technical experience sometimes struggle to generate real innovation.

Moreover, anecdotally, it appears that bid writers and managers often lean towards reading fiction during their leisure hours. They may tend to shy away from the management and technology sections at the local bookstore and find themselves more at ease with word processing tools than the intricacies of Excel’s advanced features. As a result, it’s not particularly surprising that certain individuals encounter challenges when trying to embrace new technologies in both their professional and personal lives. This can lead to a sense of unease or even indifference towards the impending revolution brought about by AI.

However, those who are hesitant to adopt this innovation are inadvertently passing up on the potential opportunities it can provide. AI software can be an ally for bid writers in overcoming the daunting blank page, offering the ability to generate ideas even before requiring input from subject matter experts in the later stages. Furthermore, AI can effectively contribute to research, text analysis, idea generation, and meeting the evaluation criteria.

Forward-thinking bid leaders have seamlessly integrated AutogenAI’s software into their bidding process. They leverage AutogenAI to:

  • Extract vital information from extensive tender documentation, spanning hundreds of pages.
  • Spark ideas during the storyboarding phase.
  • Incorporate detailed prompts within the storyboard, enabling AI to swiftly compile notes within seconds, a task that previously took days.
  • Organise bid responses by arranging ideas and crafting high-quality paragraphs using the organisation’s repository of information.
  • Enhance text using features such as “explain how” and “add evidence.”

But embracing AI for bid writing isn’t just about improving and speeding up the bid process, it also breathes new life into moribund bid teams. By automating more mundane tasks like structuring responses, grammar improvements and adhering to the company tone of voice, bid writers are able to focus on more enjoyable and creative tasks such as developing winning strategies and crafting compelling stories. By driving interest in technological advancement, it creates a new culture of innovation within organisations, leading to more innovative solutions within bids – further driving up the win rate.