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Top Tips for Overcoming Algorithmic Aversion

With the rise of Big Data, organisations have embraced the adoption of artificial intelligence and Large Language Models, changing the way many of us operate on a day-to-day basis. We provide our top tips for tackling Algorithmic Aversion and implementing technology that works with users and and balances their goals.

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Better an Idealist than a Laggard…

To determine which new technologies merit the investment of time and money, we utilise a 2x2 matrix to assess the attitudes of optimists and cynics with regard to technological advancements. We offer reasonable approaches to distinguishing between short-lived trends and genuine breakthroughs, and argue that it is preferable to embrace...

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Generative AI’s Impact on Education – Don’t Fight the Inevitable

Generative AI is having a profound impact on the higher education landscape, with some institutions expressing reservations about its accuracy and safety. However, educators should not impede its use, but instead focus on providing guidance to students on how to properly utilise this technology, as its implementation is unavoidable in...

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Don’t Get Left Behind: The Benefits for Bid Writers of Early AI Adoption

Are bid writers and managers ready to embrace new technologies? In the near future, bid writers early to adopt and become proficient in AI will be highly valuable employees and consultants. This article explores AutogenAI's recently conducted survey of bid writers and managers, in which we assessed their attitudes towards...

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