AI can help writers reduce the time spent on first drafts and make it easier to hand them over for review. AutogenAI’s tech is tailored to enterprise copywriting and is used to support business development, marketing, report writing, policy development and HR functions. It can provide writers with better words and phrases, help them be more concise, find new sources of inspiration, and find the right tone and style for a piece of writing.

Troublesome first drafts

Are you a writer? Do you enjoy receiving review comments on your drafts? Or perhaps you’re more often reviewing copywriting and need to provide to-the-point feedback that can sometimes be taken personally?

Generally the later stages of reviewing work are positive experiences. The content is almost where it needs to be, and reviews and edits are focused on those final details and flourishes that make the writing top notch.

Writers love the final stages of drafting as you get all the dopamine hits from making the most of your skills and experience, completing the task, and receiving positive feedback. Add in the adrenaline of working to strict deadlines and for high stakes, such as bidding for contracts, and it becomes a feeling you can get hooked on.

How about the first stages of writing, though? The blank page? That first review where you haven’t had enough time or information to craft content that’s fully up to scratch and you know there will be a shedload of changes or additions to work into the next version? Getting started can be tricky, and so can feeling comfortable about handing that first draft over… The good news is, AI can help you with that.

Smarter faster better

Blank page? Need to write about something out of your comfort zone? AI can help by suggesting ideas, helping you to structure your writing, and fleshing it out in a few button clicks.

Imagine reducing the thinking time, drafting time, and sense of personal investment in first drafts  destined to get picked apart.

As an experienced bid writer myself, I’ve seen the power of producing first drafts (that would previously have taken me several hours) in around 30 minutes. Were those first drafts perfect? No – first drafts never are. Were they good enough to hand over for review? Yes – and it was nice not to feel so precious about what was being handed over. The added bonus being that there would be plenty of time for the high value edits, where the real magic happens, to get to that all important 10/10 response.

Don’t misunderstand – this isn’t the AI doing it for you – without expert writers that know what good looks like, prompting the tech in the right way, none of this stands up. But with expert users, the power of the tech can be astonishing in terms of wellbeing, productivity, and quality of outputs.

Enterprise-level creative tools

AutogenAI’s technology has been designed with enterprise level copy-writing in mind, including but not limited to big ticket bid writing. We recognise and celebrate the expertise and creativity of writers, so our tech anticipates their needs and gives agency through choices, training, and iterative improvements as we build a relationship with each of our customers. We configure bespoke language engines, trained on organisation-specific documentation and tailored to each use case. We’re currently supporting business development, marketing, report writing, policy development and HR functions to name a few.

How slick are your copywriting processes? We’d love to work with you to enhance your writer’s wellbeing and capacity.

Do you think the summary paragraph at the top of this article is accurate? It was produced in seconds with one simple prompt.

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