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Our Language Engines are making our clients' bid-writing teams up to 85% more efficient, allowing them to get to draft in minutes rather than days and boosting their win rates by up to 241%. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

Our key features


Reduce drafting time by 70%

Creative Ideation

Automatically generate winning proposals ideas for a competitive edge in seconds.

Evidenced Ideation

Effortlessly source proprietary and public knowledge to incorporate credible evidence into proposals.

Contextualised Ideation

Tailor ideas to project-specific requirements, increasing success chances.


We help create storyboards for better communication of ideas.
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85% Increase In Productivity

Case Study Insertion

AutogenAI integrates relevant case studies to showcase expertise.

Statistics Insertion

AutogenAI grounds assertions in empirical evidence.

“Tell me how” Evidencing

AutogenAI explains how proposed solutions deliver value.

Evidenced Winning Prose Evaluation

AutogenAI evaluates the effectiveness of written content.


241% Increase In Success Rates

Easy Incorporation of Win Themes, Issues, and Requirements

AutogenAI simplifies alignment of proposals with evaluators’ themes and requirements.

Scoring Criteria Analysis

AutogenAI analyses scoring criteria and makes improvement recommendations.

Mega-Extraction and Mega-Transformations

AutogenAI reads large quantities of text and extracts meaning.

Embedded Semantic Research Tool

AutogenAI ensures proposals are well-informed and completely current.

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Accelerate Your Growth

Submit more bids. Close more deals. Increase your win rate by 30% and never miss an opportunity..

Exceptional Bids, Everytime

Consistently deliver high-quality bids, with unique content generated specifically for your organisation.

Empower Your Teams to Succeed

AutogenAI slashes drafting time by 70%, so teams can focus on perfection.

Empowering Every Sector. Elevating Every Bid.

No matter the industry, AutogenAI powers growth

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