Respond to RFPs and bids in minutes. Not days.

Craft high-quality proposals with the power of augmented intelligence.

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Your Secret Weapon

Win. More. Work.

Increase the quantity and quality of the proposals your team can write with the support of AI.

AutogenAI builds secure, bespoke language engines for each client, harnessing the power of large language technology to turbo-charge the sales function.


The Results

AutogenAI gives you the strongest competitive edge.

Stop spending most of your time drafting content and start spending most of your time finessing and honing that content. Maximize your scores. Win more business.

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70% reduction in drafting time

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50% reduction in bid writing costs

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X8 increase in productivity

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30% increase in win rate


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How It Works

Harvest your knowledge. Craft your voice.

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The Revolution

Our revolutionary generative AI platform helps companies win more business.

No matter your sector. No matter your size of business. We power growth.

  • Managed Services
  • Construction
  • Health/Life Sciences
  • Government
  • Utilities

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