Autogen AILanguage models that work for you


Withnail and AI

Discover the fascinating intersection of classic film and artificial intelligence as Genny, our General Language Engine 1, reimagines 'Withnail and I' through AI's creative lens.

AI Copyright Law: US Guidance

As AI-generated content proliferates, it is essential for lawmakers to reconsider copyright law in the digital age.

Me, Myself and AI

Words have long been a fundamental part of human connection, transcending time and culture. AutogenAI is leveraging this power to help companies to craft effective bids and proposals, augmenting their team's power to create compelling business prose.

From Candlelight to AI: How Technology is Illuminating the Path to Cost Reduction

The introduction of new lighting technologies in the 1800s revolutionised the way people lived and worked, and now large language models are transforming knowledge-based companies, increasing productivity and reducing costs for businesses and customers.

David just got an AI slingshot

As VCSEs strive to become more competitive in the public sector contracting space, Generative AI can help level the playing field.

Neophobic? You're not the first...

We take a look at potential reactions to some revolutionary innovations throughout time.

The Impact of AI-Driven Creative Destruction on Bid Writing

We take a look at the idea of creative destruction due to AI, arguing that bid writers must adapt to this new era of technology to increase their volume of bids and maximise their skill.

Bias In, Bias Out: A Closer Look at Diversity in AI

We offer a concise introduction to the expansive and complex topics of diversity, bias, and ethics in AI.

Anybody Need More Time?

We consider what you might do with the extra time saved from using generative AI to write your bids.

The Art of Prompting: How to Use Language Effectively

In this article, we explore the concept of prompt engineering and provide an introduction on how to create effective prompts.

AI and Creativity - The Ongoing Importance of the Human Touch...

We provide an overview of our recent AI and Creativity dinner.

How Costly Bidding Prevents Local Councils from ‘Levelling Up’

The government has promised to 'level-up' struggling communities with £8bn of funding, but the tendering process has been criticised as costly and time-consuming. AI technology could revolutionise this process, allowing councils to quickly produce complex proposals without sacrificing resources, enabling them to focus on high-level problem solving.