In an industry perpetually in pursuit of efficiency and precision, a recent study conducted by AutogenAI, using tender documents provided by a leading technology firm, has evidenced the power of our Generative AI software in significantly improving bid writing productivity.

The experiment measured the time taken to generate complex and comprehensive bid responses using our Generative AI platform. The results were benchmarked against a fairly aggressive industry standard of 500 words per hour for a skilled bid writer.

The results showcased significant speed improvements using AutogenAI. The completion of the tender using AutogenAI took 6 hours, generating 13,254 words of high-quality copy – a writing/editing speed of 2,209 words per hour. This represents a 342% increase in productivity compared to a highly skilled bid writer.

To provide additional context, a recent study by MIT examined the speed improvement using ChatGPT, the most widely known, publicly accessible, general language engine. The study demonstrated an increase in writing speed of 37% using ChatGPT – a clear improvement over human-only copy, but a dramatically smaller improvement than that delivered by AutogenAI.

This case study evidenced the considerable productivity advantages our clients gain by leveraging AutogenAI to enhance their bid writing process. The results indicate that AutogenAI eclipsed traditional bid writing methods and ChatGPT in terms of writing speed and productivity.

What could you achieve with a 342% increase in bid writing productivity?

Writing more bids is obvious (although they clearly need to be winnable in the first place!).  Many of our Clients invest the time saved into the more strategic aspects of bidding – reviewing their commercial approach, competitor analysis, senior review cycles. Getting time back in a highly pressurised, time sensitive bid cycle is hugely advantageous – and can mean the difference between winning and losing, between growing and standing still.

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