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AutogenAI changes how people write.

We're busy creating a new kind of product where users collaborate with Artificial Intelligence to produce relevant, impactful bid proposals. Would you like to join us?

All text on this site was co-created using AutogenAI’s General Language Engine 1 (Genny-1).

All AI-generated text has been reviewed, approved and verified by humans.

Who we are


We’re a team of linguists, procurement experts, machine learning scientists, designers and developers, united by the common goal of making AI work for professional writing.


We're remote-friendly, based in London, with optional office days and quarterly working retreats in sunny locations. We’re open to discussion around working hours and other flexibilities.


We're inclusive, supportive, fun, and challenging. We value having a team that is made up of a diverse set of backgrounds and respect the healthy expression of diverse opinions.


AI writing is a new way of working. Nobody has all the answers, but our team is working to find them, including the UK's first prompt engineers. Join us as we help to define the future.


We're building our services and our company to last. Just as our userbase grows because we provide sustainable value to users, our team grows because we provide rewarding work, good conditions, and fair treatment.


We're most productive when we work together. We debate openly, act as a team, and respect each others' expertise.

Language technology will transform the world over the next decade. Join us and help the world to navigate that change