About Us

Introducing the IQ behind the AI.

We are a team of linguists and writers, business development experts, machine learning engineers, data scientists, UX designers and developers.

Headshot of Sean Williams

Sean Williams

Founder & CEO

Headshot of Raj Khaira

Raj Khaira

Co-founder & COO

Headshot of Tricia Blatherwick

Tricia Blatherwick

Chief Commercial Officer

Headshot of Richard Judge

Richard Judge

Chief Finance Officer

Headshot of Daniel-Whitston

Daniel Whitston

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Emma Crichton

Emma Crichton


Elizabeth Lukas

CEO Americas

Headshot of James Huckle

James Huckle

Chief of AI R&D

Headshot of Aine McKay

Aine McKay

Head of Product

Headshot of Lee-Anne Anderson

Lee-Anne Anderson

Head of Account Management

Headshot of Mike Walker

Mike Walker

VP Engineering

Headshot of Raf Garcia-Krailing

Raf Garcia-Krailing

Head of Operations

Headshot of Raj Singh

Raj Singh

Head of Training, Adoption & Insight

Headshot of Alex Gimson

Alex Gimson

Head of Marketing

Making waves.

With offices in the UK, USA and Australia, we are a global business with clients across the world. We are proud to have received investment from leaders in American and European tech communities.

Who we are.

We are a passionate team of writers and AI experts, dedicated to helping our clients win more business.

What we do.

We build language engines for clients to write quality content fast, giving an immediate advantage in winning bids & tenders.

Why we do it.

We are on a mission to use artificial intelligence as a supercharger for human ingenuity and make the world a better place.