The budget significantly increases support for AI development and implementation across several sectors.

“The Spring Budget rightly acknowledged that there is a massive opportunity to use artificial intelligence to transform productivity,” said Sean Williams, Founder and CEO of AutogenAI. “An obvious application in the public sector is reducing the £30bn a year that is currently spent by suppliers competing to deliver services to the UK government – a cost that gets passed on to the taxpayer. AutogenAI is talking to the NHS and others about how we can help significantly reduce the costs of competition using our award-winning software.”

The government has committed to more than doubling the size of i.AI, the AI incubator team, to ensure that the UK government has in-house technology expertise. This move will strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in AI technology.

The budget also includes a £14 million commitment for public sector research and innovation infrastructure, and up to £100 million over the next five years for the Alan Turing Institute, which focuses on advancing AI and digital technology.

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), there’s a £7.4 million upskilling fund pilot to help develop AI skills. This will be complemented by the SME Digital Adoption Taskforce, which will support the adoption of digital technology by SMEs to boost their productivity.

The government will launch two new data pilots to drive high quality AI in education and improve access to data in adult social care. An update on the AI Safety Institute will also be provided, focusing on recruitment and safety training.

The budget marks the next step in the Public Sector Productivity Programme, including an NHS productivity plan which doubles investment in NHS technological and digital transformation. £4.2 billion of funding has been announced to improve public sector productivity, including £3.4 billion for the NHS.

AI solutions will be piloted to support planning authorities to streamline their local plan development processes. The government will focus on driving productivity in the Civil Service, including a focus on harnessing the potential of automation and new technologies.

This significant investment in AI by the UK government is a clear indication of the importance and potential of AI technology for the UK’s economy. AutogenAI is excited to be at the forefront of this transformation as we continue our mission to revolutionise the bid and proposal process globally with our industry-defining generative AI solution.

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