AutogenAI were delighted to welcome guests to our ‘AI and Creativity’ dinner held last week in Soho. From sectors as diverse as Healthcare, Construction, IT, Consulting and Facilities Management, the conversations were accordingly wide ranging, challenging and insightful.

Our Chief Data Scientist, James Huckle, and our CEO, Sean Williams, demonstrated how AI is now changing – and challenging – the world of Art, Music and Language. We explored how these fundamental creative processes (drawing, composing, writing) can be short-cut, with output generated at the touch of a button (although interestingly, music seems to require vast amounts more processing power?).

With the power of creative AI tools, we generated these images in seconds:

ai imagery

And turned our rough concept drawings into well-developed art:

Concept drawings into well-developed art:

It is our belief however – echoed around the table – that ‘creativity’ in its truest sense cannot be left to the AI alone, but that the ‘human touch’ will continue to be an essential element in the process. The technology does not have ‘judgement’, ‘intuition’ – it does not know what is good or what is rubbish. We humans do. We have discernment.

From discussing verb structures in Aboriginal languages; to the IP legalities when an image is ‘crowdsourced’ from a thousand different pieces of source data; from endemic biases in source materials to how Large Language Models can help neurodiverse employees express themselves; this was, as usual, a fascinating event.

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