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AutogenAI is revolutionising bid and proposal writing. Our solution will streamline your workflows, radically increase the efficiency of your bid-writing team and quantifiably improve the quality of your responses. AutogenAI will help you write more winning bids, tenders and proposals than ever before.

Key Features

Build collaborative projects and keep everything on track

Enhance your bid-writing team’s ability to collaborate with Bid Project Management. Seamlessly track the entire bid writing process, from strategy to review, and ensure alignment with key requirements.


Understand compliance requirements through smart extraction and RFP shredding

Unleash the power of the AutogenAI Extractor and begin extracting critical information from large documents in minutes. Equip your team with a tool that powers swift, informed decision making and reduce the time it takes to identify and isolate bid requirements. 

Become an expert in any industry, build strong competitor and client research for your bidding strategy

Use AutogenAI’s Research Assistant as your gateway to industry-specific insights. Quickly gather, synthesise and analyse relevant information from your knowledge library and the internet and reduce your reliance on subject matter experts.

Stay ahead of the competition by simplifying and accelerating your bid-writing team’s ability to conduct in-depth research.

Elevate bid responses with strategic inputs

Leverage our Smart Bid strategic input capabilities to effortlessly weave bid requirements, win themes, strategic messaging, company values and research into every piece of text you write. 

Drive consistency across your bid-writing team and allow them craft winning responses with ease. 

Create a first draft response in minutes, not days

Discover the power of the AutogenAI Ideator. Harness the Ideator’s industry leading storyboarding capability to generate innovative ideas that are cited and evidenced and then effortlessly transform those ideas into a compelling high-quality first draft in minutes.


An editor built specifically for bid writers

Edit text with ease with the suite of meticulously crafted text transformation features within the AutogenAI Editor. Designed specifically for bid writers, the Editor is more than just a set of tools – it’s a game-changer.

Streamline the writing process and allow your bid-writers to make sophisticated text transformations at the click of a button. Writing winning words has never been so easy. 

Support your bid with evidence to enhance credibility and precision

Elevate your bid’s credibility and precision while minimising research time by using our suite of evidencing tools to seamlessly integrate relevant case studies and statistics. 

Instantly craft compelling content infused with valuable insights, real-world examples, and data.

Never miss a word count again

Tailor your text to a specific word count range, trim unnecessary verbs and adjectives, expand your content using your knowledge library, and summarise – all whilst sustaining context and relevance.



Enhanced customisations created for your needs

Experience the transformative power of our custom Tone of Voice feature. Instantly create consistency across all bid-writer and Subject Matter Expert inputs and guarantee your entire bid response has been written in your house style. 

Review your final bid to ensure ultimate quality of work

Elevate your work’s quality instantly with our Review feature. Streamline the feedback process and ensure that every bid is polished to perfection in record time.

Quick, efficient, and user-friendly, our Review feature will allow you to incorporate revisions and deliver flawless results with ease.


What is an LLM?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are powerful AI tools for generating human-like text.

Our platform constantly updates with the latest LLMs to provide users with the most effective models for their writing tasks.

How do we select the language models for our services?

We carefully choose from a range of language models that best meet our clients’ needs based on rigorous evaluation criteria developed by our linguistic engineers.

These criteria consider several factors, including the speed of the model, its perceived intelligence, and the diversity of its training data, ensuring optimal performance and relevance.

How do we ensure that our AI-generated bids are indistinguishable from those written by humans? Can this be tested?

AI checkers are not always reliable for distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written content due to high rates of false positives and negatives.

Our tool produces content that closely resembles human writing, making it difficult for AI checkers to accurately detect the difference.

Will the AI generate copyrighted material?

No, our AI system is engineered to generate unique content. It requires significant effort to produce even a single pre-existing paragraph. To ensure originality, we use AI from libraries and the internet and always provide source links for transparency.

The resulting content is extensively rewritten, making it highly unlikely to reproduce copyrighted material.

What happens when I upload a document to the library, and where is it stored?

When you upload a document to the library, our system extracts the text from your document to convert it into a format compatible with our LLM. This text is then stored securely on AWS S3, encrypted with AES-256bit, in your selected geographical location.

This procedure ensures your document’s safety and prepares it for use by the LLM.

What capabilities do we have for processing tabular data?

We have three methods for processing tabular data: AI for smaller datasets, processing each row as text individually, and using LLM for writing queries.

Each method has its strengths and limitations in terms of dataset size, data type, and complexity.

Does the AutogenAI provide any training materials or onboarding resources?

Yes, AutogenAI provides extensive training materials and onboarding resources through the AutogenAI Academy.

This includes tutorial videos and detailed training content. Additionally, our dedicated team is always on hand to answer any queries or resolve any issues.

What measures does the AutogenAI take to ensure security and privacy?

AutogenAI is committed to ensuring security and privacy. We hold several reputable security compliance certificates including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2, Cyber Essentials Plus, TX-RAMP and CSA STAR.

These certifications demonstrate our adherence to global standards for information security, data protection, and privacy.

How does AutogenAI Source information?

AutogenAI’s online search feature works by searching the internet using APIs, collecting information from relevant websites, and sending it to a Language Model for processing.


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