Some statistics (Credit to Tussell):

  • 10% of all contracts listed on Contracts Finder are marked as suitable for VCSEs
  • VCSEs only actually win 10% of these specifically marked contracts.
  • Local Government awards more contracts to VCSEs than any other part of the public sector  (£2bn in 2020).
  • Central Gov awarded contracts worth just £0.6bn in 2020.
  • 56% of VCSEs only won 1 contract; 41% won between 2 and 10 and just 10 VCSEs have won more than 50 contracts.

What does the above tell us? That despite real efforts being made to boost the Social Value Act (and shout out to the sterling efforts made by Local Government), much more needs to be done to level the procurement playing field for VCSEs. They need to be taken more seriously, they need to have their voices heard, and they need to understand how to articulate value – both qualitatively and commercially – in a competitive procurement exercise.

How can Generative AI help? We think in lots of ways:

1. Expense: VCSEs and Charities often cannot carry the cost of full time bid writers/proposal managers. AI helps to automate much of the early drafting – reducing the cost of bidding.

2. Experience: VCSEs often have little / no experience in bidding for Government contracts. Specialist AI BidTech helps guide writers through the bidding process, equipping them with the tools to create a high scoring tender

3. Expediting the process: bids often have tight turnarounds. Charities are busy places. Tools such as AutogenAI significantly reduce the time taken to create a compelling bid, freeing up time to focus attention on other tasks – such as bid commercials, client engagement etc.

Enterprise level Generative AI enables VCSEs to bid for Government work on a ‘more level’ playing field. This should lead to them winning a much bigger slice of Public Sector contracting, thus significantly extending their reach and impact.

If you are in charge of winning business at a Charity or VCSE, come and talk to AutogenAI about how we can help you grow.

In the battle of David v Goliath, AI is David’s new slingshot…