What should one do when faced with wholly disruptive new technology? Refuse to acknowledge it? Stubbornly cling to old practices in the hopes that it will go away? Fight against this outrageous change to your ’normal’? Perhaps declare, ‘I’m too busy for this – it will simply distract me/my team/my organisation’.

Let’s take a (wry) look at how people may have reacted to some of the most revolutionary innovations in history:

Fire? No, no, no. I’ve got sheep. And I can sew. Blankets will do me just fine. And I like my meat raw. And my vegetables cold.

A wheel? This will never catch on. Far too round….

Books? Who needs books when we can listen to orators and poets whenever we want to? Besides, we’d have to learn to ‘read’… and who’s got time for that?

A lightbulb? Nah, greasy oil lamps hide my wrinkles better. And I’d much rather stumble around in the dark. Nothing like a few bruises to remind you to be careful.

Indoor flushing toilets. No way! Squatting is good for my calves.

The motor car? Goodness no, I’ll just buy 10 more horses, thanks very much. Horses are much more reliable than a motor car and they don’t require (much) fuel or maintenance.

Rock ‘n’ Roll? Disgusting, it is corrupting the youth!

Television? Radio will do!

This new-fangled interweb thing? It’ll never catch on.

Wi-fi? I prefer the beautiful sound of dial up.

AI for bid writing? I would rather anxiously pore over every word, punctuation mark, and sentence to ensure it is perfect; submit it to my internal stakeholders for useful feedback such as “how?”, “it needs more oomph”, or “make it more us”. I would rather spend lonely nights agonising over whether the writing reads well, meets the commissioner’s needs, outmatches competitors, and sells the product or service. I would rather be left alone with minimal support from subject matter experts to come up with a solution for something unfamiliar. I would rather contemplate a blank page and think to myself, “just one more cup of tea before I start”. I’d rather spend hours transforming a few lines in an email or an incoherent PowerPoint slide into compelling bid text.

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