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Building the Flywheel of Growth: Optimise your public sector sales pipeline with Stotles and AutogenAI

11am to 12:30pm GMT on Tuesday 7th November

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What is Stotles?

Stotles is a sales enablement platform helping private-sector suppliers accelerate their public-sector business. Using Stotles’ personalised data and insights, commercial teams can quickly create qualified opportunities, engage with government decision-makers, and position themselves to win upcoming contracts ahead of tenders. This more proactive, data-driven approach is already helping thousands of UK and Ireland suppliers boost their win rates from less than 4% to up to 46%.


What is AutogenAI?

AutogenAI  is an enterprise-level generative AI solution that streamlines the bid process, drives business growth, and equips organisations to secure significant contracts. Leveraging NLP and advanced machine learning, it produces bespoke, compelling content swiftly, automates repetitive tasks, tailors bids to your teams specific requirements. AutogenAI clients experience up to a 70% reduction in drafting time and up to a 30% increase in win rates for submitted bids.


Aim of the webinar

In its simplest form, a supplier’s journey involves 3 steps. 

(1) Create qualified opportunities > (2) engage buyers > (3) create bids = win business

These three steps were challenging, time consuming, and didn’t reliably yield results for sales teams.

With AutogenAI and Stotles, you can bridge the gap in public-sector sales from start to finish. Here’s how:

Stotles gets involved before the sales process kicks off. Leveraging personalised insights and AI, Stotles users can pinpoint contract expiries, trace upcoming procurement pipelines, understand partner and competitor ecosystems, and monitor buying signals from meeting minutes. These tools help users quickly create qualified public sector opportunities (Step 1) ahead of the tender process. 

From there, suppliers can pre-engage with the right buyers (step 2) by finding the right decision-makers, discuss buyer problems, and shape solutions early in the buying process.

At this point, successful sales teams, marketers, and bid managers can harvest these opportunities, ready to position themselves as the best supplier for the job.

AutogenAI uses AI to create high quality bids (step 3), specifically built around users’ business. By blending your document library, internet sources, and generative AI, AutogenAI creates  compelling, bespoke content tailored to the unique needs of your business. The platform generates responses to any bid questions faster and more effectively than human submissions, and can provide any supporting content and collateral to help seal the deal.

By simplifying each step in a supplier’s journey, Stotles and AutogenAI can create multiplier effects in customers’ business development funnels. The resulting pipeline growth and contract wins help suppliers build a stronger reputation within the public sector. As buyers come back for more services from trusted suppliers, this synergy can help you create your own flywheel of public sector growth.


By working together, you can create a healthier pipeline and win more contracts, much faster.

Join the webinar

Stotles and Autogen AI are hosting a live webinar from 11am to 12:30pm GMT on Tuesday 7th November: ‘Building the Flywheel of Growth: Optimise your public sector sales pipeline with Stotles and AutogenAI’. The webinar will offer concrete, actionable insights on where your sales process can be optimised so you can create a flywheel of public sector growth. 

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Here’s what John Witt, CEO and Co-Founder of Stotles, had to say about the partnership:

‘We’re always looking for ways to multiply value for customers. This partnership does exactly that.

‘Stotles users can now take opportunities generated from Stotles “over the line” to more revenue. AutogenAI users can now discover more qualified opportunities worthy of bidding. The result is a flywheel of value, greater than the sum of its parts.

‘We’re excited to team up with Sean and the AutogenAI team to help suppliers create better opportunities and build better bids, faster.’

Sean Williams CEO and Founder of AutogenAI said:

‘This collaboration between AutogenAI and Stotles is designed to help show businesses how to drive growth and streamline their bid and proposal processes. 

‘Stotles helps commercial teams discover, approach and engage with relevant public sector opportunities and AutogenAI helps organisations to win those opportunities. This partnership will explore how that combination can help your organisation to grow.’