Gurjinder Dhaliwal, Head of Growth at AutogenAI, was one of the first Sales Leadership hires for the company – and has been instrumental in helping to propel AutogenAI to its status as Europe’s leading Generative AI for enterprise. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Gurjinder was AutogenAI’s first hire outside of the UK and has consistently steered the ship towards unprecedented success. 

The exciting news is that Gurjinder is set to embark on a new chapter in his remarkable career. Starting in 2024, he will join Elizabeth Lukas (CEO, Americas) in steering AutogenAI’s commercial efforts in the United States. This expansion is not just a testament to his capabilities but also a recognition of the tremendous potential that lies ahead for AutogenAI on a global scale. 

Gurjinder Dhaliwal has been an indispensable asset to AutogenAI. His tireless dedication, versatility, and client-centric approach have helped catalyse our incredible growth.  With his leadership extending to the USA, the future of AutogenAI is looking brighter than ever. We are excited to see what he will help us achieve in the world of Generative AI for enterprise.