AutogenAI is one of the fastest growing British generative AI businesses, specifically focused on bid writing, tenders and marketing copy. It was the first business in the UK to recruit Prompt Engineers and is a thought leader in the AI space with regular appearances on shows such as BBC’s ‘Click’ and FT Live conferences. 

The Draft was founded by Philip Collins, former chief speechwriter to Rt Hon Sir Tony Blair and has also written speeches for Labour Party leader Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer KC. The Draft’s team of writers are experts in rhetoric who work with leading Fortune 500 companies and charities. Most recently, they secured the £6.4 billion UK National Lottery contract for a new operator. 

Not surprisingly, Tony Blair’s former chief speechwriter has come up with a third way when it comes to writing. By augmenting the power of generative AI with the pioneering technology from AutogenAI, with some of the best human writers in industry at The Draft, we will work together to bring innovative, high quality writing services to our client base.  

With a joint client base ranging from Fortune 500 to FTSE 100 companies, as well leading charities and social enterprises across the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America, AutogenAI and The Draft will go to market together to provide a joint service to clients.  

Philip Collins, founder of The Draft and former chief speechwriter to Tony Blair, said: “There is so much noise from naysayers when it comes to generative AI and the future of writing, however there is nothing to be afraid of. We need to embrace new technologies, such as large language models, which will be the writer’s best friend. Writers who embrace the latest tech will continue to be very much in demand.” 

Phil Collins added: “I want to pay tribute to Gurjinder Dhaliwal for setting up this unique, future-looking partnership. At Tortoise Media, he was the trailblazer behind the Tortoise Community Network which invented a new way to fund news, while simultaneously providing access to the underserved communities. With this AutogenAI and The Draft partnership, he introduces yet another groundbreaking collaboration that is set to transform bid writing procedures worldwide.” 

Sean Williams, founder of AutogenAI who has spent more than twenty years in government procurement and public services, said: ‘AutogenAI is a company created by writers to help writers get the very best out of cutting edge artificial intelligence. Human writers will always be essential for a winning proposal, and our tool helps writers to work faster and smarter.  We are excited to work with The Draft to help bring the power of generative AI into the hands of writers all across the world.’  

The new venture uses the speed and power of large language models to help organisations communicate more quickly and effectively. The partnership is underpinned by a writer-centric approach and integrates first class researchers, writers and Prompt Engineers. The partnership has been designed specifically for bids, tenders and proposals.  

AutogenAI creates highly bespoke, trained language engines for clients. These engines are trained on a Company’s tone of voice and corporate knowledge base to enable writers to create first draft documentation in minutes rather than days.  

The Draft’s experienced team of writers and researchers then input into the process, refining arguments and guiding the prompts that direct AutogenAI’s model, before finishing the work to a first class standard and providing additional communications training. 

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