The challenge of securing and maintaining a skilled bid-team within competitive markets, while also staying abreast of tender opportunities, has been an increasingly pressing issue over the past decade. With the emergence of generative AI designed for business, 80% of organisations recently surveyed by Salesforce believe adoption of this technology will enable revenue growth. In this article, we will discuss why generative AI is not just a catalyst for business expansion, but also a tool to attract and retain the best talent.


  1. Generative AI will attract the best talent

Organisations with a commitment to digital transformation make an attractive place for talent looking for future-proofed careers. As performance enabling technologies advance, skilled individuals are increasingly looking for organisations that prioritise adoption of cutting-edge solutions. They desire to work in an environment that welcomes new technologies and encourages the pursuit of innovative practices.

Early adopter companies also set themselves apart from the competition as an employer of choice by offering to shape the latest industry practices and skills development opportunities.


  1. Streamlined onboarding

Generative AI solutions for business, such as AutogenAI, are designed to semantically search company knowledge banks and generate text that aligns with the specific language and context used within a company, and provide the references and citations to sources.

With this technology, new joiners can quickly access and understand the company’s internal documentation – without the need to wait for human assistance. This not only leads to increased productivity but also enhances the overall employee onboarding experience, making new employees feel valued and empowered.


  1. Well-being and job satisfaction

It’s no secret that well-being and job satisfaction are crucial factors in creating a positive work environment. Bidding is notoriously stressful work; employees face increasing workloads and time pressures. This can cause significant mental strain, leading to burnout and a decline in job satisfaction.

Generative AI offers a solution by automating repetitive and routine writing tasks, enabling employees to focus on more complex and valuable deep-thinking research, refinement and editing work. By delegating mundane tasks to AI, individuals can effectively manage their time and energy, resulting in increased productivity which impacts employee retention, motivation, and overall happiness.


  1. Skills for the future are in augmenting technologies

Generative AI is fast gaining significant prominence, transforming various industries and revolutionising the way we work. Industry experts are now broadcasting that humans skilled in the use of AI technologies will be taking the jobs from those that aren’t upskilled. AI possesses the potential to enhance human capabilities and productivity, making it crucial for individuals to acquire the necessary skills to excel in a technology-driven future.


While some may fear the rise of generative AI, it is important to recognise that this technology is not meant to supersede humans. Rather, it is meant to augment their abilities and to support decision-making. By early adoption of this technology, you will offer a platform to individuals who possess the expertise and equip your employees with the skills to effectively navigate the next generation of working.


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