Welcome to AutogenAI's Roadmap

What's happening in our product

Our roadmap is your window into the future of AI-powered bid and proposal writing. Here, you’ll find a detailed outline of our upcoming features, enhancements, and milestones, as well as a timeline for their release in 2024 and beyond. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, so please feel free to reach out and let us know your thoughts.

Q1 2024

Research Assistant Report

Get answers to the questions you need with the added capability to create a report based on a variety of questions and specifying variables.

Enhanced Evidencing

Efficiently evidence with relevant sources; specify files, folders and sections of knowledge to support writing.

Library Groups and Permissions

Introduces a global library that everyone can access, while also allowing for the creation of specific groups with unique permissions.

Q2 2024

Bid Project Management

Enhance a bid teams focus and project management capabilities. Projects help teams plan and review effectively, bringing together all research, understanding and task management.

Recommended Evidencing

Evidence recommendations based on your questions and criteria, backed by factual results sourced from both your library and internet research.

Scoring Optimisation

Optimise the bid response beyond compliance. Enhance the quality of submitted writing with research based recommendations.

Save and Export

With our platform, you can effortlessly export all your written content into the required bid document format.

Q3 2024

Bid Strategy Builder

Build a comprehensive and collaborative bid strategy to include key bid criteria, document interrogations, and research maintaining consistency throughout.

Gold Answers

Drawing from your best practice responses, we offer a seamless method to retrieve the most relevant and contextually appropriate model answers. These can serve as a basis for responses.

Document Manager Integration

Sync with your own internal document manager and file structure to access documents in real time.

Integration Hub

Connect our product with other software tools commonly used throughout your bid writing process to enhance collaboration across bid teams.