Welcome to AutogenAI's Roadmap

What's happening in our product

Our roadmap is your window into the future of AI-powered bid and proposal writing. Here, you’ll find a detailed outline of our upcoming features, enhancements, and milestones, as well as a timeline for their release in 2024 and beyond. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, so please feel free to reach out and let us know your thoughts.

Q3 2024

Bid Task Management

Seamlessly track your teams entire bid process, from strategy to review, and ensure alignment with key requirements and milestones.

Answer Bank and Workbooks

A robust database of question and answers that can automate pre-qualification questionnaires and store gold answers.

Bid Review - AI and Formal

Use the AutogenAI Review feature to generate areas of improvement with pre-defined improvement criteria or specific bid criteria. The formal review process introduces comments and tracked changes.

Bid Project Strategy

Build a collaborative Bid Project Strategy with your team and easily access compliance matrixs, tasks and any relevant bid context your team needs to build winning responses. 

CV Database

 Build CVs directly from your CV database and match the most relevant experience with proposal requirements.

SharePoint Integrations

Sync with your own internal SharePoint and file structure to access documents in real time. 

Q4 2024

Bid Qualification Analysis

Qualify opportunities and analyze the percentage chance of success based on past performance and your knowledge base of experience.

Customized PowerPoint

Export content into a customized PowerPoint (.pptx) in client branding.

Automated Evaluations

Automatically evaluate responses and iteratively improve them based on the evaluation.

Performance Dashboards

Track the performance of your bid teams and submissions and get a clear view on success and loss rates to help inform your future strategies.

Knowledge Hierarchy

Manage items that are out of date and define the relevancy of your knowledge base and information used to generate responses. 

Integration Hub

Connect other tools commonly used throughout your bid writing process to enhance collaboration.